Source code for pyart.aux_io.radx

Reading files using Radx to first convert the file to Cf.Radial format


import os
import tempfile
import subprocess

from import read_cfradial
from import _test_arguments

[docs]def read_radx(filename, radx_dir=None, **kwargs): """ Read a file by first converting it to Cf/Radial using RadxConvert. Parameters ---------- filename : str Name of file to read using RadxConvert. radx_dir : str, optional path to the radx install Returns ------- radar : Radar Radar object. """ # test for non empty kwargs _test_arguments(kwargs) if radx_dir is not None: executable = os.path.join(radx_dir, 'RadxConvert') else: executable = 'RadxConvert' tmpfile = tempfile.mkstemp(suffix='.nc', dir='.')[1] head, tail = os.path.split(tmpfile) try: subprocess.check_call( [executable, '-const_ngates', '-outdir', head, '-outname', tail, '-f', filename]) if not os.path.isfile(tmpfile): raise IOError( 'RadxConvert failed to create a file, upgrading to the ' ' latest version of Radx may be necessary.') radar = read_cfradial(tmpfile) finally: os.remove(tmpfile) return radar