Source code for pyart._debug_info

Print out Py-ART version information.

This file can also be run as a script to report on dependencies before a
build: python pyart/


import os
import sys

[docs]def _debug_info(stream=None): """ Print out version and status information for debugging. This file can be run as a script from the source directory to report on dependecies before a build using: **python pyart/**. Parameters ---------- stream : file-like object Stream to print the information to, None prints to sys.stdout. """ if stream is None: stream = sys.stdout # remove the current path from the import search path # if this is not done ./io is found and not the std library io module. current_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)) if current_dir in sys.path: sys.path.remove(current_dir) try: import pyart pyart_version = pyart.__version__ except: pyart_version = "MISSING" try: import platform python_version = platform.python_version() except: python_version = "MISSING" try: import numpy numpy_version = numpy.__version__ except: numpy_version = "MISSING" try: import scipy scipy_version = scipy.__version__ except: scipy_version = "MISSING" try: import matplotlib matplotlib_version = matplotlib.__version__ except: matplotlib_version = "MISSING" try: import netCDF4 netCDF4_version = netCDF4.__version__ except: netCDF4_version = "MISSING" try: import cylp # noqa cylp_available = "Available" except: cylp_available = "MISSING" try: import glpk glpk_version = "%i.%i" % (glpk.env.version) except: glpk_version = "MISSING" try: import cvxopt_version = except: cvxopt_version = "MISSING" try: import cartopy cartopy_version = cartopy.__version__ except: cartopy_version = "MISSING" try: import pytest pytest_version = pytest.__version__ except: pytest_version = "MISSING" print("Py-ART version:", pyart_version, file=stream) print("", file=stream) print("---- Dependencies ----", file=stream) print("Python version:", python_version, file=stream) print("NumPy version:", numpy_version, file=stream) print("SciPy version:", scipy_version, file=stream) print("matplotlib version:", matplotlib_version, file=stream) print("netCDF4 version:", netCDF4_version, file=stream) print("", file=stream) print("---- Optional dependencies ----", file=stream) print("CyLP:", cylp_available, file=stream) print("PyGLPK version:", glpk_version, file=stream) print("CVXOPT version:", cvxopt_version, file=stream) print("Cartopy version:", cartopy_version, file=stream) print("pytest version:", pytest_version, file=stream)
if __name__ == "__main__": _debug_info()