Building and installing Py-ART#

Required Dependencies#

Py-ART requires the following software.

Optional Dependencies#

The following packages are recommended for a fully-functional Py-ART installation, but the package will install and work with reduced functionality without these packages.

Obtaining the latest source#

The latest source code for Py-ART can be obtained from the GitHub repository, ARM-DOE/pyart.

The latest source can be checked out using

$ git clone

Installing from Source#

The path to the TRMM RSL library must be provided during install. This can either be done by setting the RSL_PATH environmentation variable. In bash this can be done using export RSL_PATH=/path/to/rsl/. If this location is not specified, some common locations will be searched. Note that the location provided should be the root TRMM RSL path, under which both a lib and include directory are contained, the default location is /lib/local/trmm. If using CyLP, a path for the coincbc directory is needed. This can be done using export COIN_INSTALL_DIR=/path/to/coincbc/. When using CyLP, on some systems, installing the Anaconda compilers is needed. These can be found here:

After specifying the TRMM RSL path Py-ART can be installed globally using

$ python install

of locally using

$ python install --user

If you prefer to use Py-ART without installing, simply add the this path to your PYTHONPATH (directory or with a .pth file) and compile the extension in-place.

$ python build_ext -i

You can also install Py-ART in development mode by using

$ pip install -e .

Frequently asked questions#

  • I’m getting a no ‘io’ module after installing pyart with pip.

    There is a pyart on pip that is a different package. Make sure to do:

    pip install arm_pyart

    and not:

    pip install pyart
  • I’m getting a segfault or compile error with CyLP in newer Python versions when installing in an environment.

    Anaconda has its own compilers now on conda-forge. Theres can be found here: Once the proper compilers are installed, reinstall CyLP.

  • I’m getting a segfault or another error in python when using with IRIS/other files.

    This is due to a bug in RSL, and can be remedied by adding -fno-stack-protector -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=0 to the CFLAGS parameter of the makefile of RSL. This issue has been fixed with the release of rsl-v1.44.

  • I’m having trouble getting PyGLPK to compile on my 64-bit operating system.

    Change the line in the file from

    define_macros = macros, extra_compile_args=['-m32'], extra_link_args=['-m32'],


    define_macros = macros, extra_compile_args=['-m64'], extra_link_args=['-m64'],

    Then build and install PyGLPK as recommended in the PYGLPK README.txt file.

  • When running basemap, I get an error ‘KeyError: PROJ_LIB’.

    Basemap is not being supported beyond 2020, some of these errors relate to it not playing nicely with newer versions of packages. We recommend using Cartopy instead, but some users have been able to use: import os os.environ[‘PROJ_LIB’] = ‘C:/Users/xx Username xxx/Anaconda3/Lib/site-packages/mpl_toolkits/basemap’ To get basemap working, but again Cartopy should be used instead of Basemap.