Query and plot ASOS data#

This example shows how to plot timeseries of ASOS data from Chicago O’Hare airport.

act_datastream temp on 20200204, act_datastream on 20200204
Downloading: ORD
/home/runner/work/ACT/ACT/act/plotting/plot.py:80: UserWarning: Could not discern datastreamname and dict or tuple were not provided. Using defaultname of act_datastream!

from datetime import datetime
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import act

time_window = [datetime(2020, 2, 4, 2, 0), datetime(2020, 2, 10, 10, 0)]
station = 'KORD'
my_asoses = act.discovery.get_asos(time_window, station='ORD')

my_disp = act.plotting.TimeSeriesDisplay(my_asoses['ORD'], subplot_shape=(2,), figsize=(15, 10))
my_disp.plot('temp', subplot_index=(0,))
my_disp.plot_barbs_from_u_v(u_field='u', v_field='v', subplot_index=(1,))
my_disp.axes[1].set_ylim([0, 2])

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