Simple plot of 2D data#

This is an example of how to download and plot ceiliometer data from the SGP site over Oklahoma.

sgpceilC1.b1 backscatter on 20170114

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import act
import os

# Place your username and token here
username = os.getenv('ARM_USERNAME')
token = os.getenv('ARM_PASSWORD')

# If the username and token are not set, use the existing sample file
if username is None or token is None or len(username) == 0 or len(token) == 0:
    ceil_ds =
    # Example to show how easy it is to download ARM data if a username/token are set
    act.discovery.download_data(username, token, 'sgpceilC1.b1', '2017-01-14', '2017-01-19')
    ceil_ds ='./sgpceilC1.b1/*')

ceil_ds = act.corrections.ceil.correct_ceil(ceil_ds, -9999.0)
display = act.plotting.TimeSeriesDisplay(ceil_ds, subplot_shape=(1,), figsize=(15, 5))
display.plot('backscatter', subplot_index=(0,))

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