Windrose and windbarb timeseries plot#

This is an example of how to display wind rose and barb timeseries from multiple days worth of sounding data.

twpsondewnpnC3.b1 on 20060119, sonde_darwin on 20060119
import numpy as np
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

import act

sonde_ds =

WindDisplay = act.plotting.WindRoseDisplay(sonde_ds, figsize=(8, 10), subplot_shape=(2,))
    'deg', 'wspd', spd_bins=np.linspace(0, 25, 5),
    num_dirs=30, tick_interval=2, subplot_index=(0,))

BarbDisplay = act.plotting.TimeSeriesDisplay({'sonde_darwin': sonde_ds}, figsize=(10, 5))
WindDisplay.put_display_in_subplot(BarbDisplay, subplot_index=(1,))
    'rh', 'pres', cmap='coolwarm_r', vmin=0, vmax=100, num_time_periods=25)

BarbDisplay.plot_barbs_from_spd_dir('wspd', 'deg', 'pres', num_barbs_x=20)

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