Source code for act.discovery.cropscape

Function for getting CropScape data based on an entered lat/lon.


import datetime
import requests

    from pyproj import Transformer
except ImportError:
    from pyproj.transformer import Transformer

[docs]def get_crop_type(lat=None, lon=None, year=None): """ Function for working with the CropScape API to get a crop type based on the lat,lon, and year entered. The lat/lon is converted to the projection used by CropScape before pased to the API. Note, the requests library is indicating a bad handshake with the server so 'verify' is currently set to False which is unsecure. Use at your own risk until it can be resolved. CropScape - Copyright © Center For Spatial Information Science and Systems 2009 - 2018 Parameters ---------- lat : float Latitude of point to retrieve. lon : float Longitude of point to retrieve. year : int Year to get croptype for. Returns ------- category : string String of the crop type at that specific lat/lon for the given year. Examples -------- To get the crop type, simply do: .. code-block :: python type = act.discovery.get_cropscape.croptype(36.8172,-97.1709,'2018') """ # Return if lat/lon are not passed in if lat is None or lon is None: raise RuntimeError('Lat and Lon need to be provided') # Set the CropScape Projection outproj = ( 'PROJCS["NAD_1983_Albers",' 'GEOGCS["NAD83",' 'DATUM["North_American_Datum_1983",' 'SPHEROID["GRS 1980",6378137,298.257222101,' 'AUTHORITY["EPSG","7019"]],' 'TOWGS84[0,0,0,0,0,0,0],' 'AUTHORITY["EPSG","6269"]],' 'PRIMEM["Greenwich",0,' 'AUTHORITY["EPSG","8901"]],' 'UNIT["degree",0.0174532925199433,' 'AUTHORITY["EPSG","9108"]],' 'AUTHORITY["EPSG","4269"]],' 'PROJECTION["Albers_Conic_Equal_Area"],' 'PARAMETER["standard_parallel_1",29.5],' 'PARAMETER["standard_parallel_2",45.5],' 'PARAMETER["latitude_of_center",23],' 'PARAMETER["longitude_of_center",-96],' 'PARAMETER["false_easting",0],' 'PARAMETER["false_northing",0],' 'UNIT["meters",1]]' ) # Set the input projection to be lat/lon inproj = 'EPSG:4326' # Get the x/y coordinates for CropScape transformer = Transformer.from_crs(inproj, outproj) x, y = transformer.transform(lat, lon) # Build URL url = '' if year is None: now = year = now.year - 1 # Add year, lat, and lon as parameters params = {'year': str(year), 'x': str(x), 'y': str(y)} # Perform the request. Note, verify set to False until # server SSL errors can be worked out try: req = requests.get(url, params=params, verify=False, timeout=1) except Exception: return # Return from the webservice is not convertable to json # So we need to do some text mining text = req.text text = text.split(',') category = [t for t in text if 'category' in t] category = category[0].split(': ')[-1][1:-1] return category