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Plotting Severe Weather in Wisconsin

Last Friday (March 31, 2023), a severe weather outbreak impacted a large portion of the Central United States, including the Upper Midwest. There were a total of:

142 tornado reports

NWS Milwaukee Radar Image

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Hail Storm Visualization Using Py-ART and Pandas!

Within this post, we will walk through how to combine radar and storm report data, creating an animation of the two!

On September 7, 2021, a strong line of thunderstorms passed through Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, leaving a trail of hail and wind damage in its path.

Hail Image

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Fixing Weird Patterns When Plotting NEXRAD Level 3 Data

The motivation here comes from a thread on Twitter, indicating an issue when plotting NEXRAD Level 3 radial velocity (NOU).

Here is the radar image, plotted by David (@dryglick):


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