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Active Py-ART Development - Submitting a Pull Request (PR)

The motivation for this blog comes from wanting to change the colorscheme within the default Py-ART documentation images to a more (color vision deficiency friendly color scheme).

Here are the images we are working with:


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Fixing Weird Patterns When Plotting NEXRAD Level 3 Data

The motivation here comes from a thread on Twitter, indicating an issue when plotting NEXRAD Level 3 radial velocity (NOU).

Here is the radar image, plotted by David (@dryglick):


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Working with Vertically Pointing Radar Data Using PyART, Xarray, and hvPlot

This notebook will walk through how to utilize existing packages in the Python ecosystem (PyART, Xarray, and hvPlot) to visualize data from a vertically pointing Ka-band radar.

By the end of this notebook, you will learn how to create the following visualization: interactive-kazr-viz


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New Docs

Hello All!

Welcome to our new documentation page! This is a new section within the docs meant for:

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