pyart.core.cartesian_vectors_to_geographic(x, y, projparams, edges=False)[source]#

Cartesian vectors to Geographic coordinate transform.

Transform a set of Cartesian/Cartographic coordinate vectors (x, y) to a geographic coordinate system (lat, lon) using pyproj or a build in Azimuthal equidistant projection finding the coordinates edges in Cartesian space if requested.

  • x, y (array 1D.) – Cartesian coordinate vectors in meters unless R is defined in different units in the projparams parameter.

  • projparams (dict or str) – Projection parameters passed to pyproj.Proj. If this parameter is a dictionary with a ‘proj’ key equal to ‘pyart_aeqd’ then a azimuthal equidistant projection will be used that is native to Py-ART and does not require pyproj to be installed. In this case a non-default value of R can be specified by setting the ‘R’ key to the desired value.

  • edges (bool, optional) – True to calculate the coordinates of the geographic edges by interpolating between Cartesian points and extrapolating at the boundaries. False to calculate the coordinate centers.


lon, lat (array) – Longitude and latitude of the Cartesian coordinates in degrees.