GridMapDisplayBasemap.plot_latitudinal_level(field, y_index, vmin=None, vmax=None, norm=None, cmap=None, mask_outside=False, title=None, title_flag=True, axislabels=(None, None), axislabels_flag=True, colorbar_flag=True, colorbar_label=None, colorbar_orient='vertical', edges=True, ax=None, fig=None, ticks=None, ticklabs=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Plot a slice along a given latitude.

Additional arguments are passed to Basemaps’s pcolormesh function.

  • field (str) – Field to be plotted.

  • y_index (float) – Index of the latitudinal level to plot.

  • vmin, vmax (float) – Lower and upper range for the colormesh. If either parameter is None, a value will be determined from the field attributes (if available) or the default values of -8, 64 will be used. Parameters are ignored is norm is not None.

  • norm (Normalize or None, optional) – matplotlib Normalize instance used to scale luminance data. If not None the vmax and vmin parameters are ignored. If None, vmin and vmax are used for luminance scaling.

  • cmap (str or None) – Matplotlib colormap name. None will use the default colormap for the field being plotted as specified by the Py-ART configuration.

  • mask_outside (bool) – True to mask data outside of vmin, vmax. False performs no masking.

  • title (str) – Title to label plot with, None to use default title generated from the field and lat,lon parameters. Parameter is ignored if title_flag is False.

  • title_flag (bool) – True to add a title to the plot, False does not add a title.

  • axislabels ((str, str)) – 2-tuple of x-axis, y-axis labels. None for either label will use the default axis label. Parameter is ignored if axislabels_flag is False.

  • axislabels_flag (bool) – True to add label the axes, False does not label the axes.

  • colorbar_flag (bool) – True to add a colorbar with label to the axis. False leaves off the colorbar.

  • colorbar_label (str) – Colorbar label, None will use a default label generated from the field information.

  • colorbar_orient (‘vertical’ or ‘horizontal’) – Colorbar orientation.

  • edges (bool) – True will interpolate and extrapolate the gate edges from the range, azimuth and elevations in the radar, treating these as specifying the center of each gate. False treats these coordinates themselved as the gate edges, resulting in a plot in which the last gate in each ray and the entire last ray are not not plotted.

  • ax (Axis) – Axis to plot on. None will use the current axis.

  • fig (Figure) – Figure to add the colorbar to. None will use the current figure.

  • ticks (array) – Colorbar custom tick label locations.

  • ticklabs (array) – Colorbar custom tick labels.