pyart.retrieve.vad_browning(radar, velocity, z_want=None, valid_ray_min=16, gatefilter=None, window=2, weight='equal')[source]#

Velocity azimuth display. Note: This code uses only one sweep. Before using the velocity_azimuth_display function, use, for example: one_sweep_radar = radar.extract_sweeps([0])

  • radar (Radar) – Radar object used.

  • velocity (string) – Velocity field to use for VAD calculation.

Other Parameters:
  • z_want (array) – Array of desired heights to be sampled for the vad calculation.

  • valid_ray_min (int) – Amount of rays required to include that level in the VAD calculation.

  • gatefilter (GateFilter) – A GateFilter indicating radar gates that should be excluded when from the import vad calculation.

  • window (int) – Value to use for window when determining new values in the _Averag1D function.

  • weight (string) – A string to indicate weighting method to use. ‘equal’ for equal weighting when interpolating or ‘idw’ for inverse distribution squared weighting for interpolating. Default is ‘equal’.


  • height (array) – Heights in meters above sea level at which horizontal winds were sampled.

  • speed (array) – Horizontal wind speed in meters per second at each height.

  • direction (array) – Horizontal wind direction in degrees at each height.

  • u_wind (array) – U-wind mean in meters per second.

  • v_wind (array) – V-wind mean in meters per second.

  • Reference

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