AirborneRadarDisplay.plot_label(label, location, symbol='r+', text_color='k', ax=None)#

Plot a single symbol and label at a given location.

Transforms of the symbol location in latitude and longitude units to x and y plot units is performed using an azimuthal equidistance map projection centered at the radar.

  • label (str) – Label text to place just above symbol.

  • location (2-tuples) – Tuple of latitude, longitude (in degrees) at which the symbol will be place. The label is placed just above the symbol.

  • symbol (str) – Matplotlib color+marker strings defining the symbol to place at the given location.

  • text_color (str) – Matplotlib color defining the color of the label text.

  • ax (Axis) – Axis to plot on. None will use the current axis.