pyart.correct.correct_noise_rhohv(radar, urhohv_field=None, snr_field=None, zdr_field=None, nh_field=None, nv_field=None, rhohv_field=None)[source]#

Corrects RhoHV for noise according to eq. 6 in Gourley et al. 2006. This correction should only be performed if noise has not been subtracted from the signal during the moments computation.

  • radar (Radar) – Radar object.

  • urhohv_field (str, optional) – Name of the RhoHV uncorrected for noise field.

  • snr_field, zdr_field, nh_field, nv_field (str, optional) – Names of the SNR, ZDR, horizontal channel noise in dBZ and vertical channel noise in dBZ used to correct RhoHV.

  • rhohv_field (str, optional) – Name of the rhohv field to output.


rhohv (dict) – Noise corrected RhoHV field.


Gourley et al. Data Quality of the Meteo-France C-Band Polarimetric Radar, JAOT, 23, 1340-1356