pyart.retrieve.est_rain_rate_zpoly(radar, refl_field=None, rr_field=None)[source]#

Estimates rainfall rate from reflectivity using a polynomial Z-R relation developed at McGill University.

  • radar (Radar) – Radar object.

  • refl_field (str, optional) – Name of the reflectivity field to use.

  • rr_field (str, optional) – Name of the rainfall rate field.


rain (dict) – Field dictionary containing the rainfall rate.


Doelling et al. Systematic variations of Z–R-relationships from drop size distributions measured in northern Germany during seven years. 1998. Atmos. Ocean. Technol, 21, 1545-1556.

Joss et al. Operational Use of Radar for Precipitation Measurements in Switzerland. 1998. Vdf Hochschulverlag AG ETH Zurich: 134.