, use_rsl=False, **kwargs)[source]#

Read a radar file and return a radar object.

Additional parameters are passed to the underlying read_* function.

  • filename (str) – Name of radar file to read.

  • use_rsl (bool) – True will use the TRMM RSL library to read files which are supported both natively and by RSL. False will choose the native read function. RSL will always be used to read a file if it is not supported natively.

Other Parameters:
  • field_names (dict, optional) – Dictionary mapping file data type names to radar field names. If a data type found in the file does not appear in this dictionary or has a value of None it will not be placed in the radar.fields dictionary. A value of None, the default, will use the mapping defined in the metadata configuration file.

  • additional_metadata (dict of dicts, optional) – Dictionary of dictionaries to retrieve metadata from during this read. This metadata is not used during any successive file reads unless explicitly included. A value of None, the default, will not introduct any addition metadata and the file specific or default metadata as specified by the metadata configuration file will be used.

  • file_field_names (bool, optional) – True to use the file data type names for the field names. If this case the field_names parameter is ignored. The field dictionary will likely only have a ‘data’ key, unless the fields are defined in additional_metadata.

  • exclude_fields (list or None, optional) – List of fields to exclude from the radar object. This is applied after the file_field_names and field_names parameters.

  • delay_field_loading (bool) – True to delay loading of field data from the file until the ‘data’ key in a particular field dictionary is accessed. In this case the field attribute of the returned Radar object will contain LazyLoadDict objects not dict objects. Not all file types support this parameter.


radar (Radar) – Radar object. A TypeError is raised if the format cannot be determined.