pyart.retrieve.vad_michelson(radar, vel_field=None, z_want=None, gatefilter=None)[source]#

Velocity azimuth display.

Creates a VAD object containing U Wind, V Wind and height that can then be used to plot and produce the velocity azimuth display.

  • radar (Radar) – Radar object used.

  • vel_field (string, optional) – Velocity field to use for VAD calculation.

  • z_want (array, optional) – Heights for where to sample vads from. None will result in np.linespace(0, 10000, 100).

  • gatefilter (GateFilter, optional) – A GateFilter indicating radar gates that should be excluded from the import vad calculation.


vad (HorizontalWindProfile) – A velocity azimuth display object containing height, speed, direction, u_wind, v_wind from a radar object.


Michelson, D. B., Andersson, T., Koistinen, J., Collier, C. G., Riedl, J., Szturc, J., Gjertsen, U., Nielsen, A. and Overgaard, S. (2000) BALTEX Radar Data Centre Products and their Methodologies. In SMHI Reports. Meteorology and Climatology. Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Norrkoping.