RadarDisplay.plot_ray(field, ray, format_str='k-', mask_tuple=None, ray_min=None, ray_max=None, mask_outside=False, title=None, title_flag=True, axislabels=(None, None), gatefilter=None, axislabels_flag=True, ax=None, fig=None)[source]#

Plot a single ray.

  • field (str) – Field to plot.

  • ray (int) – Ray number to plot.

Other Parameters:
  • format_str (str) – Format string defining the line style and marker.

  • mask_tuple ((str, float)) – Tuple containing the field name and value below which to mask field prior to plotting, for example to mask all data where NCP < 0.5 set mask_tuple to [‘NCP’, 0.5]. None performs no masking.

  • ray_min (float) – Minimum ray value, None for default value, ignored if mask_outside is False.

  • ray_max (float) – Maximum ray value, None for default value, ignored if mask_outside is False.

  • mask_outside (bool) – True to mask data outside of vmin, vmax. False performs no masking.

  • title (str) – Title to label plot with, None to use default title generated from the field and ray parameters. Parameter is ignored if title_flag is False.

  • title_flag (bool) – True to add a title to the plot, False does not add a title.

  • gatefilter (GateFilter) – GateFilter instance. None will result in no gatefilter mask being applied to data.

  • axislabels ((str, str)) – 2-tuple of x-axis, y-axis labels. None for either label will use the default axis label. Parameter is ignored if axislabels_flag is False.

  • axislabels_flag (bool) – True to add label the axes, False does not label the axes.

  • ax (Axis) – Axis to plot on. None will use the current axis.

  • fig (Figure) – Figure to add the colorbar to. None will use the current figure.