Functions to read and write radar and grid data to and from a number of file formats.

In most cases the function should be used to read in radar data from a file. In certain cases the function the read function for the format in question should be used.


prepare_for_read(filename[, storage_options])

Return a file like object read for reading.

read(filename[, use_rsl])

Read a radar file and return a radar object.


Read a ARM sonde file returning a wind profile.

read_arm_sonde_vap(filename[, radar, ...])

Read a ARM interpolated or merged sonde returning a wind profile.

read_cfradial(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a Cfradial 1.4 netCDF file.

read_chl(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a CSU-CHILL CHL file.

read_grid(filename[, exclude_fields, ...])

Read a netCDF grid file produced by Py-ART.

read_grid_mdv(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a MDV file to a Grid Object.

read_mdv(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a MDV file.

read_nexrad_archive(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a NEXRAD Level 2 Archive file.

read_nexrad_cdm(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a Common Data Model (CDM) NEXRAD Level 2 file.

read_nexrad_level3(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a NEXRAD Level 3 product.

read_rsl(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a file supported by RSL.

read_sigmet(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a Sigmet (IRIS) product file.

read_uf(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a UF File.

write_cfradial(filename, radar[, format, ...])

Write a Radar object to a CF/Radial compliant netCDF file.

write_grid(filename, grid[, format, ...])

Write a Grid object to a CF-1.5 and ARM standard netCDF file.

write_grid_geotiff(grid, filename, field[, ...])

Write a Py-ART Grid object to a GeoTIFF file.

write_grid_mdv(filename, grid[, ...])

Write grid object to MDV file.

write_uf(filename, radar[, uf_field_names, ...])

Write a Radar object to a UF file.