Radar.add_field_like(existing_field_name, field_name, data, replace_existing=False)[source]#

Add a field to the object with metadata from a existing field.

Note that the data parameter is not copied by this method. If data refers to a ‘data’ array from an existing field dictionary, a copy should be made within or prior to using this method. If this is not done the ‘data’ key in both field dictionaries will point to the same NumPy array and modification of one will change the second. To copy NumPy arrays use the copy() method. See the Examples section for how to create a copy of the ‘reflectivity’ field as a field named ‘reflectivity_copy’.

  • existing_field_name (str) – Name of an existing field to take metadata from when adding the new field to the object.

  • field_name (str) – Name of the field to add to the dictionary of fields.

  • data (array) – Field data. A copy of this data is not made, see the note above.

  • replace_existing (bool, optional) – True to replace the existing field with key field_name if it exists, loosing any existing data. False will raise a ValueError when the field already exists.


>>> radar.add_field_like('reflectivity', 'reflectivity_copy',
...                      radar.fields['reflectivity']['data'].copy())