pyart.correct.despeckle_field(radar, field, label_dict=None, threshold=-100, size=10, gatefilter=None, delta=5.0)[source]#

Despeckle a radar volume by identifying small objects in each scan and masking them out. User can define which field to investigate, as well as various thresholds to use on that field and any objects found within. Requires scipy to be installed, and returns a GateFilter object.

  • radar (pyart.core.Radar object) – Radar object to query.

  • field (str) – Name of field to investigate for speckles.

Other Parameters:
  • label_dict (dict or None, optional) – Dictionary that is produced by find_objects. If None, find_objects will be called to produce it.

  • threshold (int or float, or 2-element tuple of ints or floats) – Threshold values above (if single value) or between (if tuple) for objects to be identified. Default value assumes reflectivity.

  • size (int, optional) – Number of contiguous gates in an object, below which it is a speckle.

  • gatefilter (None or pyart.filters.GateFilter object) – Py-ART GateFilter object to which to add the despeckling mask. The GateFilter object will be permanently modified with the new filtering. If None, creates a new GateFilter.

  • delta (int or float, optional) – Size of allowable gap near PPI edges, in deg, to consider it full 360. If gap is small, then PPI edges will be checked for matching objects.


gatefilter (pyart.filters.GateFilter object) – Py-ART GateFilter object that includes the despeckling mask