Additional classes and functions for reading and writing data from a number of file formats.

These auxiliary input/output routines are not as well polished as those in They may require addition dependencies beyond those required for a standard Py-ART install, use non-standard function parameter and naming, are not supported by the function and are not fully tested if tested at all. Please use these at your own risk.

Bugs in these function should be reported but fixing them may not be a priority.


read_d3r_gcpex_nc(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a D3R GCPEX netCDF file.

read_edge_netcdf(filename, **kwargs)

Read a EDGE NetCDF file.

read_gamic(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a GAMIC hdf5 file.

read_kazr(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read K-band ARM Zenith Radar (KAZR) NetCDF ingest data.

read_kazr_spectra(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a ARM KAZR spectra netCDF file.

read_noxp_iphex_nc(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a NOXP IPHEX netCDF file.

read_odim_h5(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a ODIM_H5 file.

read_pattern(filename, **kwargs)

Read a netCDF file from a PATTERN project X-band radar.

read_radx(filename[, radx_dir])

Read a file by first converting it to Cf/Radial using RadxConvert.

read_radx_grid(filename[, exclude_fields])

Read a netCDF grid file produced by radx2grid within LROSE.

read_rainbow_wrl(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a RAINBOW file.

read_rxm25(filename[, cfradial_outfile, heading])

Read in Ridgeline Instruments RXM-25 formatted NetCDF data.

read_sinarame_h5(filename[, field_names, ...])

Read a SINARAME_H5 file.


This function takes SINARAME_H5 files (where every file has only one field and one volume) from a folder and writes a CfRadial file for each volume including all fields.