, field_names=None, additional_metadata=None, file_field_names=False, exclude_fields=None, include_fields=None, time_ordered='none', full_xhdr=None, noaa_hh_hdr=None, debug=False, ignore_xhdr=False, ignore_sweep_start_ms=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Read a Sigmet (IRIS) product file.

  • filename (str) – Name of Sigmet (IRIS) product file to read or file-like object pointing to the beginning of such a file.

  • field_names (dict, optional) – Dictionary mapping Sigmet data type names to radar field names. If a data type found in the file does not appear in this dictionary or has a value of None it will not be placed in the radar.fields dictionary. A value of None, the default, will use the mapping defined in the metadata configuration file.

  • additional_metadata (dict of dicts, optional) – Dictionary of dictionaries to retrieve metadata from during this read. This metadata is not used during any successive file reads unless explicitly included. A value of None, the default, will not introduct any addition metadata and the file specific or default metadata as specified by the metadata configuration file will be used.

  • file_field_names (bool, optional) – True to use the Sigmet data type names for the field names. If this case the field_names parameter is ignored. The field dictionary will likely only have a ‘data’ key, unless the fields are defined in additional_metadata.

  • exclude_fields (list or None, optional) – List of fields to exclude from the radar object. This is applied after the file_field_names and field_names parameters. Set to None to include all fields specified by include_fields.

  • include_fields (list or None, optional) – List of fields to include from the radar object. This is applied after the file_field_names and field_names parameters. Set to None to include all fields not specified by exclude_fields.

  • time_ordered (‘none’, ‘sequential’, ‘full’, …, optional) – Parameter controlling if and how the rays are re-ordered by time. The default, ‘none’ keeps the rays ordered in the same manner as they appears in the Sigmet file. ‘sequential’ will determind and apply an operation which maintains a sequential ray order in elevation or azimuth yet orders the rays according to time. If no operation can be found to accomplish this a warning is issue and the rays are returned in their original order. ‘roll’, ‘reverse’, and ‘reverse_and_roll’ will apply that operation to the rays in order to place them in time order, direct use of these is not recommended. ‘full’ will order the rays in strictly time increasing order, but the rays will likely become non-sequential, thisoption is not recommended unless strict time increasing order is required.

  • full_xhdr (bool or None) – Flag to read in all extended headers for possible decoding. None will determine if extended headers should be read in automatically by examining the extended header type.

  • noaa_hh_hdr (bool or None) – Flag indicating if the extended header should be decoded as those used by the NOAA Hurricane Hunters aircraft radars. None will determine if the extended header is of this type automatically by examining the header. The full_xhdr parameter is set to True when this parameter is True.

  • ignore_xhdr (bool, optional) – True to ignore all data in the extended headers if they exist. False, the default, extracts milliseconds precision times and other parameter from the extended headers if they exists in the file.

  • ignore_sweep_start_ms (bool or None, optional) – True to ignore the millisecond parameter in the start time for each sweep, False will uses this parameter when determining the timing of each ray. None, the default, will ignore the millisecond sweep start timing only when the file does not contain extended headers or when the extended header has been explicity ignored using the ignore_xhdr parameter. The TRMM RSL library ignores these times so setting this parameter to True is required to match the times determined when reading Sigmet files with When there are not extended headers ignoring the millisecond sweep times provides time data which is always prior to the actual collection time with an error from 0 to 2 seconds.

  • debug (bool, optional) – Print debug information during read.


radar (Radar) – Radar object.