pyart.util.subset_radar(radar, field_names, rng_min=None, rng_max=None, ele_min=None, ele_max=None, azi_min=None, azi_max=None)[source]#

Creates a subset of the radar object along new dimensions.

  • radar (radar object) – The radar object containing the data.

  • field_names (str or None) – The fields to keep in the new radar.

  • rng_min, rng_max (float) – The range limits [m]. If None the entire coverage of the radar is going to be used.

  • ele_min, ele_max, azi_min, azi_max (float or None) – The limits of the grid [deg]. If None the limits will be the limits of the radar volume.


radar (radar object) – The radar object containing only the desired data.