class pyart.graph.AirborneRadarDisplay(radar, shift=(0.0, 0.0))[source]#

A display object for creating plots from data in a airborne radar object.

  • radar (Radar) – Radar object to use for creating plots, should be an airborne radar.

  • shift ((float, float)) – Shifts in km to offset the calculated x and y locations.

  • plots (list) – List of plots created.

  • plot_vars (list) – List of fields plotted, order matches plot list.

  • cbs (list) – List of colorbars created.

  • origin (str) – ‘Origin’ or ‘Radar’.

  • shift ((float, float)) – Shift in meters.

  • loc ((float, float)) – Latitude and Longitude of radar in degrees.

  • fields (dict) – Radar fields.

  • scan_type (str) – Scan type.

  • ranges (array) – Gate ranges in meters.

  • azimuths (array) – Azimuth angle in degrees.

  • elevations (array) – Elevations in degrees.

  • fixed_angle (array) – Scan angle in degrees.

  • rotation (array) – Rotation angle in degrees.

  • roll (array) – Roll angle in degrees.

  • drift (array) – Drift angle in degrees.

  • tilt (array) – Tilt angle in degrees.

  • heading (array) – Heading angle in degrees.

  • pitch (array) – Pitch angle in degrees.

  • altitude (array) – Altitude angle in meters.

Initialize the object.

generate_az_rhi_title(field, azimuth)

Generate a title for a ray plot.

generate_filename(field, sweep[, ext, ...])

Generate a filename for a plot.

generate_ray_title(field, ray)

Generate a title for a ray plot.

generate_title(field, sweep[, ...])

Generate a title for a plot.


Generate a title for a VPT plot.


Label the xaxis with the default label for r units.


Label the yaxis with the default label for rays.


Label the yaxis with the default label for rays.


Label the xaxis with the default label for x units.

label_yaxis_field(field[, ax])

Label the yaxis with the default label for a field units.


Label the yaxis with the default label for y units.


Label the yaxis with the default label for z units.

plot(field[, sweep])

Create a plot appropiate for the radar.

plot_azimuth_to_rhi(field, target_azimuth[, ...])

Plot pseudo-RHI scan by extracting the vertical field associated with the given azimuth.

plot_colorbar([mappable, field, label, ...])

Plot a colorbar.

plot_cr_raster([field, target_range, ax, ...])

Plot a corner reflector raster scan

plot_cross_hair(size[, npts, ax])

Plot a cross-hair on a ppi plot.

plot_grid_lines([ax, col, ls])

Plot grid lines.

plot_label(label, location[, symbol, ...])

Plot a single symbol and label at a given location.

plot_labels(labels, locations[, symbols, ...])

Plot symbols and labels at given locations.

plot_ppi(field[, sweep, mask_tuple, vmin, ...])

Plot a PPI.

plot_range_ring(range_ring_location_km[, ...])

Plot a single range ring.

plot_range_rings(range_rings[, ax, col, ls, lw])

Plot a series of range rings.

plot_ray(field, ray[, format_str, ...])

Plot a single ray.

plot_rhi(field[, sweep, mask_tuple, vmin, ...])

Plot a RHI.

plot_sweep_grid(field[, sweep, ignoreTilt, ...])

Plot a sweep as a grid.

plot_vpt(field[, mask_tuple, vmin, vmax, ...])

Plot a VPT scan.

set_aspect_ratio([aspect_ratio, ax])

Set the aspect ratio for plot area.

set_limits([xlim, ylim, ax])

Set the display limits.