pyart.testing.make_gaussian_storm_grid(min_value=5, max_value=45, grid_len=32, sigma=0.2, mu=0.0, masked_boundary=3)[source]#

Make a 1 km resolution grid with a Gaussian storm pattern at the center, with two layers having the same data and masked boundaries.

  • min_value (float) – Minimum value of the storm intensity.

  • max_value (float) – Maximum value of the storm intensity.

  • grid_len (int) – Size of the grid (grid will be grid_len x grid_len).

  • sigma (float) – Standard deviation of the Gaussian distribution.

  • mu (float) – Mean of the Gaussian distribution.

  • masked_boundary (int) – Number of pixels around the edge to be masked.


A Py-ART grid with the Gaussian storm field added.