pyart.retrieve.est_rain_rate_hydro(radar, alphazr=0.0376, betazr=0.6112, alphazs=0.1, betazs=0.5, alphaa=None, betaa=None, mp_factor=0.6, refl_field=None, a_field=None, hydro_field=None, rr_field=None, main_field=None, thresh=None, thresh_max=False)[source]#

Estimates rainfall rate using different relations between R and the polarimetric variables depending on the hydrometeor type.

  • radar (Radar) – Radar object.

  • alphazr, betazr (floats, optional) – Factor (alpha) and exponent (beta) of the z-r power law for rain.

  • alphazs, betazs (floats, optional) – Factor (alpha) and exponent (beta) of the z-s power law for snow.

  • alphaa, betaa (floats, optional) – Factor (alpha) and exponent (beta) of the a-r power law. If not set the factors are going to be determined according to the radar frequency.

  • mp_factor (float, optional) – Factor applied to z-r relation in the melting layer.

  • refl_field (str, optional) – Name of the reflectivity field to use.

  • a_field (str, optional) – Name of the specific attenuation field to use.

  • hydro_field (str, optional) – Name of the hydrometeor classification field to use.

  • rr_field (str, optional) – Name of the rainfall rate field.

  • main_field (str, optional) – Name of the field that is going to act as main. Has to be either refl_field or kdp_field. Default is refl_field.

  • thresh (float, optional) – Value of the threshold that determines when to use the secondary field.

  • thresh_max (Bool, optional) – If true the main field is used up to the thresh value maximum. Otherwise the main field is not used below thresh value.


rain (dict) – Field dictionary containing the rainfall rate.