pyart.filters.temp_based_gate_filter(radar, temp_field=None, min_temp=0.0, thickness=400.0, beamwidth=None)[source]#

Create a filter which removes undesired gates based on temperature. Used primarily to filter out the melting layer and gates above it.

  • radar (Radar) – Radar object from which the gate filter will be built.

  • temp_field (str) – Name of the radar field which contains the temperature. A value of None for will use the default field name as defined in the Py-ART configuration file.

  • min_temp (float) – Minimum value for the temperature in degrees. Gates below this limits as well as gates which are masked or contain invalid values will be excluded and not used in calculation which use the filter. A value of None will disable filtering based upon the field including removing masked or gates with an invalid value. To disable the thresholding but retain the masked and invalid filter set the parameter to a value below the lowest value in the field.

  • thickness (float) – The estimated thickness of the melting layer in m.

  • beamwidth (float) – The radar antenna 3 dB beamwidth [deg].


gatefilter (GateFilter) – A gate filter based upon the described criteria. This can be used as a gatefilter parameter to various functions in pyart.correct.