pyart.util.image_mute_radar(radar, field, mute_field, mute_threshold, field_threshold=None)[source]#

This function will split a field based on thresholds from another field.

Specifically, it was designed to separate areas of reflectivity where the correlation coefficient is less than a certain threshold to discern melting precipitation.

Author: Laura Tomkins (@lauratomkins)

  • radar (Radar) – Radar instance which provides the fields for muting.

  • field (str) – Name of field to image mute.

  • mute_field (str) – Name of field to image mute by.

  • mute_threshold (float) – Threshold value to mute by.

  • field_threshold (float) – Additional threshold to mask.


radar (Radar) – Radar object with 2 new fields from input field, one muted and one not muted.


Tomkins, L. M., Yuter, S. E., Miller, M. A., and Allen, L. R., 2022: Image muting of mixed precipitation to improve identification of regions of heavy snow in radar data. Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 5515–5525,