pyart.retrieve.steiner_conv_strat(grid, dx=None, dy=None, intense=42.0, work_level=3000.0, peak_relation='default', area_relation='medium', bkg_rad=11000.0, use_intense=True, fill_value=None, refl_field=None)[source]#

Partition reflectivity into convective-stratiform using the Steiner et al. (1995) algorithm.

  • grid (Grid) – Grid containing reflectivity field to partition.

  • dx, dy (float, optional) – The x- and y-dimension resolutions in meters, respectively. If None the resolution is determined from the first two axes values.

  • intense (float, optional) – The intensity value in dBZ. Grid points with a reflectivity value greater or equal to the intensity are automatically flagged as convective. See reference for more information.

  • work_level (float, optional) – The working level (separation altitude) in meters. This is the height at which the partitioning will be done, and should minimize bright band contamination. See reference for more information.

  • peak_relation (‘default’ or ‘sgp’, optional) – The peakedness relation. See reference for more information.

  • area_relation (‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘large’, or ‘sgp’, optional) – The convective area relation. See reference for more information.

  • bkg_rad (float, optional) – The background radius in meters. See reference for more information.

  • use_intense (bool, optional) – True to use the intensity criteria.

  • fill_value (float, optional) – Missing value used to signify bad data points. A value of None will use the default fill value as defined in the Py-ART configuration file.

  • refl_field (str, optional) – Field in grid to use as the reflectivity during partitioning. None will use the default reflectivity field name from the Py-ART configuration file.


eclass (dict) – Steiner convective-stratiform classification dictionary.


Steiner, M. R., R. A. Houze Jr., and S. E. Yuter, 1995: Climatological Characterization of Three-Dimensional Storm Structure from Operational Radar and Rain Gauge Data. J. Appl. Meteor., 34, 1978-2007.