pyart.correct.find_objects(radar, field, threshold, sweeps=None, smooth=None, gatefilter=None, delta=5.0)[source]#

Find objects (i.e., contiguous gates) in one or more sweeps that match thresholds. Filtering & smoothing are available prior to labeling objects. In addition, periodic boundaries are accounted for if they exist (e.g., 360-deg PPIs). Requires scipy to be installed.

  • radar (pyart.core.Radar object) – Radar object to query.

  • field (str) – Name of field to investigate for objects.

  • threshold (int or float, or 2-element tuple of ints or floats) – Threshold values above (if single value) or between (if tuple) for objects to be identified.

Other Parameters:
  • sweeps (int or array of ints or None, optional) – Sweep numbers to examine. If None, all sweeps are examined.

  • smooth (int or None, optional) – Number of gates included in a smoothing box filter along a ray. If None, no smoothing is done prior to labeling objects.

  • gatefilter (None or pyart.filters.GateFilter object, optional) – Py-ART GateFilter object to apply before labeling objects. If None, no filtering will be performed. Note: Filtering always occurs before smoothing.

  • delta (int or float, optional) – Size of allowable gap near PPI edges, in deg, to consider it full 360. If gap is small, then PPI edges will be checked for matching objects along the periodic boundary.


label_dict (dict) – Dictionary that contains all the labeled objects. If this function is performed on the full Radar object, then the dict is ready to be added as a field.