GridMapDisplayBasemap.plot_basemap(lat_lines=None, lon_lines=None, resolution='l', area_thresh=10000, auto_range=True, min_lon=-92, max_lon=-86, min_lat=40, max_lat=44, ax=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Plot a basemap.

  • lat_lines, lon_lines (array or None) – Locations at which to draw latitude and longitude lines. None will use default values which are reasonable for maps of North America.

  • auto_range (bool) – True to determine map ranges from the latitude and longitude limits of the grid. False will use the min_lon, max_lon, min_lat, and max_lat parameters for the map range.

  • min_lat, max_lat, min_lon, max_lon (float) – Latitude and longitude ranges for the map projection region in degrees. These parameter are not used if auto_range is True.

  • resolution (‘c’, ‘l’, ‘i’, ‘h’, or ‘f’.) – Resolution of boundary database to use. See Basemap documentation for details.

  • area_thresh (int) – Basemap area_thresh parameter. See Basemap documentation.

  • ax (axes or None.) – Axis to add the basemap to, if None the current axis is used.

  • kwargs (Basemap options) – Options to be passed to Basemap. If projection is not specified here it uses proj=’merc’ (mercator).