pyart.util.column_vertical_profile(radar, latitude, longitude, azimuth_spread=3, spatial_spread=3)[source]#

Given the location (in latitude, longitude) of a target, return the rays that correspond to radar column above the target, allowing for user defined range of azimuths and range gates to be included within this extraction.

  • radar (pyart.core.Radar Object) – Py-ART Radar Object from which distance to the target, along with gates above the target, will be calculated.

  • latitude (float, [degrees]) – Latitude, in degrees North, of the target.

  • longitude (float, [degrees]) – Longitude, in degrees East, of the target.

  • azimuth_spread (int) – Number of azimuth angles to include within extraction list

  • spatial_range (int) – Number of range gates to include within the extraction

  • Function Calls

  • ————–

  • sphere_distance

  • for_azimuth

  • get_sweep_rays

  • subset_fields

  • assemble_column


column (xarray) – Xarray Dataset containing the radar column above the target for the various fields within the radar object.


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