Radar.get_gate_lat_lon_alt(sweep, reset_gate_coords=False, filter_transitions=False)[source]#

Return the longitude, latitude and altitude gate locations. Longitude and latitude are in degrees and altitude in meters.

With the default parameter this method returns the same data as contained in the gate_latitude, gate_longitude and gate_altitude attributes but this method performs the gate location calculations only for the specified sweep and therefore is more efficient than accessing this data through these attribute. If coordinates have at all, please use the reset_gate_coords parameter.

  • sweep (int) – Sweep number to retrieve gate locations from, 0 based.

  • reset_gate_coords (bool, optional) – Optional to reset the gate latitude, gate longitude and gate altitude attributes before using them in this function. This is useful when the geographic coordinates have changed and gate latitude, gate longitude and gate altitude need to be reset.

  • filter_transitions (bool, optional) – True to remove rays where the antenna was in transition between sweeps. False will include these rays. No rays will be removed if the antenna_transition attribute is not available (set to None).


lat, lon, alt (2D array) – Array containing the latitude, longitude and altitude, for all gates in the sweep.