Core Py-ART classes and function for interacting with weather radar data.


Grid(time, fields, metadata, ...[, ...])

A class for storing rectilinear gridded radar data in Cartesian coordinate.

HorizontalWindProfile(height, speed, direction)

Horizontal wind profile.

Radar(time, _range, fields, metadata, ...[, ...])

A class for storing antenna coordinate radar data.

RadarSpectra(time, _range, fields, metadata, ...)

A class for storing antenna coordinate radar spectra data.


antenna_to_cartesian(ranges, azimuths, ...)

Return Cartesian coordinates from antenna coordinates.

antenna_vectors_to_cartesian(ranges, ...[, ...])

Calculate Cartesian coordinate for gates from antenna coordinate vectors.

cartesian_to_geographic(x, y, projparams)

Cartesian to Geographic coordinate transform.

cartesian_to_geographic_aeqd(x, y, lon_0, lat_0)

Azimuthal equidistant Cartesian to geographic coordinate transform.

cartesian_vectors_to_geographic(x, y, projparams)

Cartesian vectors to Geographic coordinate transform.

geographic_to_cartesian(lon, lat, projparams)

Geographic to Cartesian coordinate transform.

geographic_to_cartesian_aeqd(lon, lat, ...)

Azimuthal equidistant geographic to Cartesian coordinate transform.