pyart.retrieve.calculate_velocity_texture(radar, vel_field=None, wind_size=3, nyq=None, check_nyq_uniform=True)[source]#

Derive the texture of the velocity field.

  • radar (Radar) – Radar object from which velocity texture field will be made.

  • vel_field (str, optional) – Name of the velocity field. A value of None will force Py-ART to automatically determine the name of the velocity field.

  • wind_size (int or 2-element tuple, optional) – The size of the window to calculate texture from. If an integer, the window is defined to be a square of size wind_size by wind_size. If tuple, defines the m x n dimensions of the filter window.

  • nyq (float, optional) – The nyquist velocity of the radar. A value of None will force Py-ART to try and determine this automatically.

  • check_nyquist_uniform (bool, optional) – True to check if the Nyquist velocities are uniform for all rays within a sweep, False will skip this check. This parameter is ignored when the nyq parameter is not None.


vel_dict (dict) – A dictionary containing the field entries for the radial velocity texture.