pyart.retrieve.fetch_radar_time_profile(sonde_dset, radar, time_key='time', height_key='height', nvars=None)[source]#

Extract the correct profile from a interpolated sonde.

This is an ARM specific method which extract the correct profile out of netCDF Variables from a Interpolated Sonde VAP for the volume start time of a radar object.

  • sonde_dset (Dataset) – Interpolate sonde Dataset.

  • radar (Radar) – Radar object from which the nearest profile will be found.

  • time_key (string, optional) – Key to find a CF startard time variable.

  • height_key (string, optional) – Key to find profile height data.

  • nvars (list, optional) – NetCDF variable to generated profiles for. If None (the default) all variables with dimension of time, height will be found in ncvars.


return_dic (dict) – Profiles at the start time of the radar.