pyart.core.antenna_vectors_to_cartesian(ranges, azimuths, elevations, edges=False)[source]#

Calculate Cartesian coordinate for gates from antenna coordinate vectors.

Calculates the Cartesian coordinates for the gate centers or edges for all gates from antenna coordinate vectors assuming a standard atmosphere (4/3 Earth’s radius model). See pyart.util.antenna_to_cartesian() for details.

  • ranges (array, 1D.) – Distances to the center of the radar gates (bins) in meters.

  • azimuths (array, 1D.) – Azimuth angles of the rays in degrees.

  • elevations (array, 1D.) – Elevation angles of the rays in degrees.

  • edges (bool, optional) – True to calculate the coordinates of the gate edges by interpolating between gates and extrapolating at the boundaries. False to calculate the gate centers.


x, y, z (array, 2D) – Cartesian coordinates in meters from the center of the radar to the gate centers or edges.