pyart.util.angular_texture_2d(image, N, interval)[source]#

Compute the angular texture of an image. Uses convolutions in order to speed up texture calculation by a factor of ~50 compared to using ndimage.generic_filter.

  • image (2D array of floats) – The array containing the velocities in which to calculate texture from.

  • N (int or 2-element tuple) – If int, this is the window size for calculating texture. The texture will be calculated from an N by N window centered around the gate. If tuple N defines the m x n dimensions of the window centered around the gate.

  • interval (float) – The absolute value of the maximum velocity. In conversion to radial coordinates, pi will be defined to be interval and -pi will be -interval. It is recommended that interval be set to the Nyquist velocity.


std_dev (float array) – Texture of the radial velocity field.