, field_names=None, additional_metadata=None, file_field_names=None, exclude_fields=None, include_fields=None, use_file_field_attributes=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Read a CSU-CHILL CHL file.

  • filename (str) – Name of CHL file.

  • field_names (dict, optional) – Dictionary mapping CHL field names to radar field names. If a data type found in the file does not appear in this dictionary or has a value of None it will not be placed in the radar.fields dictionary. A value of None, the default, will use the mapping defined in the Py-ART configuration file.

  • additional_metadata (dict of dicts, optional) – Dictionary of dictionaries to retrieve metadata from during this read. This metadata is not used during any successive file reads unless explicitly included. A value of None, the default, will not introduct any addition metadata and the file specific or default metadata as specified by the Py-ART configuration file will be used.

  • file_field_names (bool, optional) – True to use the CHL field names for the field names in the radar object. If this case the field_names parameter is ignored. The field dictionary will likely only have a ‘data’ key, unless the fields are defined in additional_metadata.

  • exclude_fields (list or None, optional) – List of fields to exclude from the radar object. This is applied after the file_field_names and field_names parameters.

  • include_fields (list or None, optional) – List of fields to include from the radar object. This is applied after the field_file_names and field_names parameters. Set to None to include all fields not in exclude_fields.

  • use_file_field_attributes (bool, optional) – True to use information provided by in the file to set the field attribute long_name, units, valid_max, and valid_min. False will not set these unless they are defined in the configuration file or in additional_metadata.


radar (Radar) – Radar object containing data from CHL file.