, radar, format='NETCDF4', include_fields=None, time_reference=None, arm_time_variables=False)[source]#

Write a Radar object to a CF/Radial compliant netCDF file.

The files produced by this routine follow the CF/Radial standard. Attempts are also made to to meet many of the standards outlined in the ARM Data File Standards.

To control how the netCDF variables are created, set any of the following keys in the radar attribute dictionaries.

  • _Zlib

  • _DeflateLevel

  • _Shuffle

  • _Fletcher32

  • _Continguous

  • _ChunkSizes

  • _Endianness

  • _Least_significant_digit

  • _FillValue

See the netCDF4 documentation for details on these settings.

  • filename (str) – Filename to create.

  • radar (Radar) – Radar object.

  • format (str, optional) – NetCDF format, one of ‘NETCDF4’, ‘NETCDF4_CLASSIC’, ‘NETCDF3_CLASSIC’ or ‘NETCDF3_64BIT’. See netCDF4 documentation for details.

  • include_fields (list, optional) – Fields to write out to NETCDF file. Default is None and will include all fields from the original radar object.

  • time_reference (bool) – True to include a time_reference variable, False will not include this variable. The default, None, will include the time_reference variable when the first time value is non-zero.

  • arm_time_variables (bool) – True to create the ARM standard time variables base_time and time_offset, False will not create these variables.