act.discovery.download_neon_data(site_code, product_code, start_date, end_date=None, output_dir=None)[source]

Returns a list of data products available for a NEON site. Please be sure to view the readme files that are downloaded as well as there may be a number of different products.

If you want more information on the NEON file formats, please see:

NEON sites can be found through the NEON website

Please be sure to acknowledge and cite the NEON program and data products appropriately:

  • site (str) – NEON site identifier. Required variable

  • product_code (str) – NEON product code. Required variable

  • start_date (str) – Start date of the range to download in YYYY-MM format

  • end_date (str) – End date of the range to download in YYYY-MM format. If None, will just download data for start_date

  • output_dir (str) – Local directory to store the data. If None, will default to [current working directory]/[site_code]_[product_code]


files (list) – Returns a list of files that were downloaded