ChangeUnits.change_units(variables=None, desired_unit=None, skip_variables=None, skip_standard=True, verbose=False, raise_error=False)[source]
  • variables (None, str or list of str) – Variable names to attempt to change units.

  • desired_unit (str) – Desired udunits unit string.

  • skip_variables (None, str or list of str) – Variable names to skip. Works well when not providing a variables keyword.

  • skip_standard (boolean) – Flag indicating the QC variables that will not need changing are skipped. Makes the processing faster when processing all variables in dataset.

  • verbose (boolean) – Option to print statement when an attempted conversion fails. Set to False as default because many units strings are not udunits complient and when trying to convert all varialbes of a type of units (eg temperature) the code can print a lot of unecessary information.

  • raise_error (boolean) – Raise an error if conversion is not successful.


dataset (xarray.dataset) – A new dataset if the coordinate variables are updated. Required to use returned dataset if coordinage variabels are updated, otherwise the dataset is updated in place.