This module contains the common procedures used by all modules of the ARM Community Toolkit.



Class for updating units in the dataset.


Class to parse ARM datastream names or filenames into its components.


accumulate_precip(ds, variable[, time_delta])

Program to accumulate rain rates from an act xarray dataset and insert variable back into an act xarray dataset with "_accumulated" appended to the variable name.

add_in_nan(time, data)

This procedure adds in NaNs when there is a larger than expected time step.

add_solar_variable(ds[, latitude, ...])

Add variable to the dataset to denote night (0) or sun (1).

adjust_timestamp(ds[, time_bounds, align, ...])

Will adjust the timestamp based on the time_bounds or other information so that the timestamp aligns with user preference.

arm_site_location_search([site_code, ...])

  • site_code (str) -- ARM site code to retrieve facilities and coordinate information. Example and default

assign_coordinates(ds, coord_list)

This procedure will create a new ACT dataset whose coordinates are designated to be the variables in a given list.


This function calculates the course and speed over ground of a moving platform using the lat/lon.

calculate_dqr_times(ds[, variable, ...])

Function to retrieve start and end times of missing or bad data.

calculate_percentages(ds, fields[, time, ...])

This function calculates percentages of different fields of a dataset.

cleanup_files([dirname, files])

Cleans up files and directory possibly created from unpacking TAR files with unpack_tar()

convert_to_potential_temp([ds, ...])

Converts temperature to potential temperature.

convert_units(data, in_units, out_units)

Wrapper function around library to convert data using unit strings.

create_pyart_obj(ds[, variables, sweep, ...])

Produces a Py-ART radar object based on data in the ACT Xarray dataset.

date_parser(date_string[, output_format, ...])

Converts one datetime string to another or to a datetime object.

dates_between(sdate, edate)

Ths procedure returns all of the dates between sdate and edate.


Given a numpy datetime64 array time series, return datetime (y, m, d, h, m, s)

decode_present_weather(ds[, variable, ...])

This function is to decode codes reported from automatic weather stations such as the PWD22.

destination_azimuth_distance(lat, lon, az, dist)

This procedure will calculate a destination lat/lon from an initial lat/lon and azimuth and distance.

determine_time_delta(time[, default])

Returns the most likely time step in seconds by analyzing the difference in time steps.

generate_movie(images[, write_filename, fps])

Creates a movie from a list of images or convert movie to different type

get_missing_value(ds, variable[, default, ...])

Function to get missing value from missing_value or _FillValue attribute.

get_solar_azimuth_elevation([latitude, ...])

Calculate solar azimuth, elevation and solar distance.

get_sunrise_sunset_noon([latitude, ...])

Calculate sunrise, sunset and local solar noon times.

height_adjusted_pressure([ds, ...])

Converts pressure for change in height.

height_adjusted_temperature([ds, ...])

Converts temperature for change in height.


Function to test if file is a gunzip file.

is_sun_visible([latitude, longitude, ...])

Determine if sun is above horizon at for a list of times.

numpy_to_arm_date(_date[, returnTime])

Given a numpy datetime64, return an ARM standard date (yyyymmdd).

pack_gzip(filename[, write_directory, remove])

Creates a gunzip file from a filename path

pack_tar(filenames[, write_filename, ...])

Creates TAR file from list of filenames provided.

planck_converter([wnum, radiance, ...])

Planck function to convert radiance to temperature or temperature to radiance given a corresponding wavenumber value.

proc_scog(_GEOD, lon2, lat2, lon1, lat1, ...)

This procedure is to only be used by the calc_cog_sog function for dask delayed processing.

reduce_time_ranges(time[, time_delta, ...])

Given a time series, this function will return a list of tuples of time ranges representing the contineous times where no data is detected missing.


Program to take in multiple difference time-series and average them using the weights provided.

unpack_gzip(filename[, write_directory, remove])

Extracts file from a gunzip file.

unpack_tar(tar_files[, write_directory, ...])

Unpacks TAR file contents into provided base directory