act.retrievals.calculate_net_radiation(obj, ush='up_short_hemisp', ulh='up_long_hemisp', dsh='down_short_hemisp', dlhs='down_long_hemisp_shaded', smooth=None)[source]

Function to calculate the net radiation from upwelling short and long-wave irradiance and downwelling short and long-wave hemisperic irradiances

  • obj (ACT object) – Object where variables for these calculations are stored

  • ush (str) – Name of the upwelling shortwave hemispheric variable

  • ulh (str) – Name of the upwelling longwave hemispheric variable

  • dsh (str) – Name of the downwelling shortwave hemispheric variable

  • dlhs (str) – Name of the downwelling longwave hemispheric variable

  • smooth (int) – Smoothing to apply to the net radiation. This will create an additional variable


obj (ACT Object) – Object with calculations included as new variables.