class act.plotting.WindRoseDisplay(ds, subplot_shape=(1,), ds_name=None, **kwargs)[source]

A class for handing wind rose plots.

This is inherited from the act.plotting.Display() class and has therefore has the same attributes as that class. See act.plotting.Display() for more information. There are no additional attributes or parameters to this class.


To create a WindRoseDisplay object, simply do:

sonde_ds ='')
WindDisplay = act.plotting.WindRoseDisplay(sonde_ds, figsize=(8,10))

add_colorbar(mappable[, title, ...])

Adds a colorbar to the plot.

add_subplots([subplot_shape, secondary_y, ...])

Adds subplots to the Display object.

assign_to_figure_axis(fig, ax)

This assigns the Display to a specific figure and axis.


Group the Display by specific units of time.

plot(dir_field, spd_field[, dsname, ...])

Makes the wind rose plot from the given dataset.

plot_data(dir_field, spd_field, data_field)

Makes a data rose plot in line or boxplot form from the given data.

put_display_in_subplot(display, subplot_index)

This will place a Display object into a specific subplot.

set_rrng(rrng[, subplot_index])

Sets the range of the radius of the wind rose plot.

set_thetarng([trng, subplot_index])

Sets the theta range of the wind rose plot.