QCFilter.add_atmospheric_pressure_test(var_name, alt_name='alt', test_limit=3.5, sea_level_pressure=101.325, bias=0.35, test_meaning=None, test_assessment='Bad', test_number=None, flag_value=False, prepend_text=None, use_dask=False)

Method to perform a limit test on atmospheric pressure data using pressure derived from altitude value. Will use the derived pressure as a mean and apply upper and lower limit test on the data, flagging where outside the limit range.

  • var_name (str) – Data variable name within the Dataset

  • alt_name (str) – Altitude data variable name within the Dataset

  • test_limit (int or float) – Test range value to add/subtract from derived pressure value to set range limits.

  • sea_level_pressure (float) – Sea level pressure in kPa used for deriving pressure at altitude.

  • bias (float) – The derived pressure value in has a slight bias from typically measured values. This allows adjusting the limits. This value in units of kPa is added to the derived pressure value.

  • test_meaning (str) – Optional text description to add to flag_meanings describing the test. Will use a default if not set.

  • test_assessment (str) – Optional single word describing the assessment of the test. Will use a default if not set.

  • test_number (int) – Optional test number to use. If not set will use next available test number.

  • flag_value (boolean) – Indicates that the tests are stored as integers not bit packed values in quality control variable.

  • prepend_text (str) – Optional text to prepend to the test meaning. Example is indicate what institution added the test.

  • use_dask (boolean) – Option to use Dask for searching if data is stored in a Dask array.


test_info (tuple) – A tuple containing test information including var_name, qc variable name, test_number, test_meaning, test_assessment.


result = ds.qcfilter.add_atmospheric_pressure_test('atmos_pressure', use_dask=True)

{'test_number': 1, 'test_meaning': 'Value outside of atmospheric pressure range test range: 94.41 to 101.41 kPa',
 'test_assessment': 'Bad', 'qc_variable_name': 'qc_atmos_pressure', 'variable_name': 'atmos_pressure'}