act.discovery.get_asos_data(time_window, lat_range=None, lon_range=None, station=None)[source]

Returns all of the station observations from the Iowa Mesonet from either a given latitude and longitude window or a given station code.

  • time_window (tuple) – A 2 member list or tuple containing the start and end times. The times must be python datetimes.

  • lat_range (tuple) – The latitude window to grab all of the ASOS observations from.

  • lon_range (tuple) – The longitude window to grab all of the ASOS observations from.

  • station (str) – The station ID to grab the ASOS observations from.


asos_ds (dict of xarray.Datasets) – A dictionary of ACT datasets whose keys are the ASOS station IDs.


If you want to obtain timeseries of ASOS observations for Chicago O’Hare Airport, simply do:

$ time_window = [datetime(2020, 2, 4, 2, 0), datetime(2020, 2, 10, 10, 0)]
$ station = "KORD"
$ my_asoses = act.discovery.get_asos(time_window, station="ORD")