TimeSeriesDisplay.fill_between(field, dsname=None, subplot_index=(0,), set_title=None, **kwargs)[source]

Makes a fill_between plot, based on matplotlib

  • field (str) – The name of the field to plot.

  • dsname (None or str) – If there is more than one datastream in the display object the name of the datastream needs to be specified. If set to None and there is only one datastream ACT will use the sole datastream in the object.

  • subplot_index (1 or 2D tuple, list, or array) – The index of the subplot to set the x range of.

  • set_title (str) – The title for the plot.

  • **kwargs (keyword arguments) – The keyword arguments for plt.plot() (1D timeseries) or plt.pcolormesh() (2D timeseries).


ax (matplotlib axis handle) – The matplotlib axis handle of the plot.