, save_nc=False, out_nc_path=None, afterpulse=None, dead_time=None, overlap=None, **kwargs)[source]

Returns xarray.Dataset with stored data and metadata from a user-defined SIGMA MPL V5 files. File is converted to netCDF using mpl2nc an optional dependency.

  • filename (str) – Name of file(s) to read. If multiple, ensure that they are sorted, otherwise they will not concat properly

  • save_nc (bool) – Whether or not to save intermediate step nc file.

  • out_nc_path (str) – Path to save intermediate step nc file.

  • afterpulse (str) – File with afterpulse correction (.bin)

  • dead_time (str) – File with dead time correction (.bin)

  • overlap (str) – File with overlap correction (.bin)

  • **kwargs (keywords) – Keywords to pass through to xarray.open_dataset().